Casino, discotheque and club activities

    The article will have to take in consideration and also develop within their chosen
    topic article, how the New normal is impacting the management, human resources
    and marketing activities (you also need to think to the potential answer solutions).
    Each student is expected to write an individually a Reflective Essay Article on How
    the New Normal (post Covid) is reshaping the Hospitality Industry.
    Each student should critically and carefully elaborate his/her reflective article
    dissertation on the selected topic. First, he/she will have to support his/her
    argumentations based on the research of relevant reading and video materials.
    Secondly, he/she will have to analyze the situation and identify the pros and con of
    the post-Covid impacts on the selected hospitality topic. Thirdly, he/she will have
    to come with his/her own understanding and conclusion of what will be the New
    Normal trends within the selected topic.
    Students are encouraged to use infographic and pictures to illustrate their ideas.
    Students are expected to list a minimum of 8 references (references should follow
    Harvard Referencing) that helped them to support their answers.
    All written assignment should follow good writing standards (Arial or Helvetica font
    11 spacing 1 to 1.5), be spell checked and logically structured to guide the
    – Students are expected to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the nature of
    the Hospitality Industry.
    – Students are expected to demonstrate a fair level of criticality in relation to theory.
    – Students are expected to apply theory in relation to the context of Hospitality by
    supplying real life (industry-not personal story) examples and solutions to potential

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