Case study on the branding of American Red Cross (a non-profit organization)


    Write a case study on American Red Cross (focus on global brand not regional offices), answer these questions in essay form:
    1.    How strategic is this brand in the NGO marketplace?
    give examples of key differentiators of this brand from competitors?
    does it have good marketing and branding consistency of look + feel and key messages?
    Effectively engage constituents, volunteers and stakeholders?
    2.    Is this brand credible and trustworthy?
    any scandals?
    good financial support?
    doing good work in their sector?
    3.    What challenges do you see facing this brand in the future?


    demonstrate abilities of theoretical application of brand building and social marketing analysis of a nonprofit organization in a case study (i.e. need to include theoretical application)
    Proper citation and reference format required (The style and punctuation of the references should conform strictly to APA style)

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