Case Study Of Law

    Case Study Of Law

    1 Mr and Mrs Amadio relied upon three causes of action (ie, three legal issues, not just facts) when they challenged the mortgage guarantee they had signed? Refer to the lecture notes for lecture 3 (Contracts 2) and identify which of the three grounds for avoiding a contract given in those notes the Amadios relied upon. 

    2 The Appeal Court reversed the decision of the trial (ie, first) judge and decided that the bank was liable to the Amadios for three reasons. State any two of the reasons (ie, wrong conduct by the bank) which the Appeal Court identified.  

    Questions 3is based on the judgment of Justice Gibbs

    3 Justice Gibbs ruled that a bank is not obliged to disclose to an intending guarantor the state of the account to be guarantee except in a certain circumstance. What is that circumstance?


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