Case Study

    In a major upheaval, independent members of business and non-profit organizations were selected to replace the HealthSouth Board of Directors. They hired you to conduct a case analysis of past behaviors so they can take the proper corrective action needed to restore the organizations credibility and viability. Conduct an analysis of this case using the following framework for your paper:
    1.    What is the Problem? Provide a short description of the particular leadership/ethics problem you are addressing. You do not have time to discuss everything, so make sure you are specific. (You are narrowing the area of focus.)

    2.    Analysis:
    a.    Using the behavior seen in the case study, evaluate leader behavior at HealthSouth using the four Is (factors) of transformational leadership; use at least one paragraph to address each one: idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration. Provide a specific recommendation to correct or improve an issue with each of the four factors.

    b.    Ethically speaking, identify one action or issue that clearly violates compliance or transparency principles? Explain. Provide a specific recommendation to correct or improve the issue.

    3.    Conclusion: Summarize your analysis in a few lines; make sure you provide a good reason for the board to accept your recommendations (i.e., What happens if your recommendations are not approved? What does literature say about some of the consequences if there is no change?)

    Write your paper as if the Board of Directors will read your work.
    o In a short introduction, describe the problem and major environmental factors
    considered important.
    o In the body, complete an analysis and recommendations (see above).
    o In a short conclusion, summarize, explaining how recommendations will resolve the problem or what happens when they are not accepted.
    4.    Integrate with related readings and coursework from the first three weeks; supporting examples are good ways to reinforce your recommendations.

    7.    Use APA standards for citations and references.

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