Case Studies in Business Ethics

    Business issues are studied from an ethical point of view through 1 case analyses.  An ethical point of view is one that applies conceptions of right, good, justice, and virtues and vices of conduct, with special focus on anti-racism and anti-sexism.

    Make distinctions between classical and average utilitarianism of distributions of benefits and costs and social contract conceptions;

        Identify various applicable developmental conceptions of the good and the right in cases

    For this assignment you have to analyze from a; moral, ethical, conceptions of the good, justice, etc perspective, 1 case that involve any kind of business. Those could be from a movie, news, advertisement, a series . (I will be attaching the main readings and guide of 4 domains that you need to analyze the cases, the guide attachment is called 4 domains of human development- Please add this concepts and levels as much as you can, red a analyze this table from you point of view, there is not right or wrong )

    Examples (you can not use these ones)
            – Ellen Employees Want Executives to be Held Accountable
                – Time Magazine Person of the Year
                    – The Apple versus Microsoft Case
                    – o    Former CEO of McDonald sued for lying about having had sexual relationships with employees contrary to policy
                      – movie The Insider
                        -Purdue will plead guilty to federal charges, reaches $8.3 billion deal over opioid crisis.

    I am also attaching a reading with 2 case studies from the news where you can see the use of the 4 domains guide and its levels .

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