Case studies: answering questions

    Answer the following questions:

    Case study: “Thomas green: power, office politics and a career in crisis.
    1.What is the problem?
    2. Discuss the difference in work styles and personalities and expectations between Green and Dives.
    3. Analysis Green’s performance up to date.
    4. Discuss the possible underlying agendas for Dives and McDonald.
    5. Analyze the power dynamics in this case.
    6. What political behavior and power tactics are being used in the case.
    7. Discuss potential plans for actions to correct the problem.
    8. Provide tips for improving employees-manager relationship.

    Case study: “Raleigh & Rosse: measures to motivate exceptional service”

    1. What is the problem.
    2. What is the goal of the analysis.
    3. What is the context of the problem.
    4. What important facts to consider.
    5. What alternatives are available to the decision-maker.
    6. What would you recommend – and why

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