Case Studies

    My case selection: Hatian Revolution (protest) and
    1997 Asian financial crisis (economic panic)
    [unless you find something more interesting]

    Each case study should cover information on:
    a) Spectators/Participants 
    b) Structural/Material Environmental Conditions
    c) Communication Capacities and Information Dissemination
    d) Extant Social Conditions/Dynamics

    Format: ASA:
    a. Introduction
    b. Brief Desrption of the Event(s) and how it constitutes an instance of Collective Behavior
    c. Summary of Collected Data: This can be accomplished either as an integrated essay format,
    or by summarizing the information for each category separately.
    d. Analysis of Event: This will involve utilizing the multiple theoretical perspectives explored in
    the course [Contagion Theory, Emergent Norm Theory, Value-Added Theory, and
    (potentially) the Socio-Cybernetic Model*]. The goal is to highlight what this perspective
    tells us about the event, and not necessarily to evaluate a specific theory.

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