Case Memo

    The basic assignment is writing a case memo the way its shown in the template.  Nothing from the internet can be taken. all that is needed is the case study and the template to answer it. in the instructions i have attached the rubric, the template and an example case study and its case memo assignment already done. one of the main things for this memo is following the format and template strictly. the exhibit needs to include the decision matrix which needs to be made as well. an example of it is given in the example case and its example case memo. the exhibits should be worth atleast 3 pages and when using anything from the exhibit it only has to be mentioned in the case memo which exhibit you are choosing to refer to and why, so on and so forth. the case that has to be used for this assingment is called Cooley Distillery which i have attached in the additonal materials. I have also provided the grading ribric, how to write a case memo, the template that needs to be followed and an example case study and its case memo already done. This is a strategy class hence some strategic terms would be good. Also the case memo has to be super to the point and reccomendations cant be opinions hence you cant say “i believe” or “In my opinion”. This is a very formal paper. Which has to be 1100 words of writing and then 3 pages of exhibits.

    Please do not use the guide questions published from the case. The task of writing the case memo is follow the format and to make your recommendation.

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