Careers in Human Services

    I choose  community and service networker, community planner, consultant, mobilizer, and outreach worker.
    Instructions for work.
    This week you’ll read chapter 2 in the Introduction to Human Services book, and have a chance to research a human services career of interest to you as part of your discussion this week. Make sure you use a human services based career and use at least one, ideally two, sources of information with citations and references. Those are always required

    Select a career in human services that interest you.  Visit the Occupational Outlook Handbook and answer the following questions: 1) What are the primary tasks associated with this career (in other words, describe the career)?  2) What are the educational requirements, salary and projected growth of this career? 3) What motivated you to choose this career path?  What values or characteristics would be reflected in this work?

    Attached has the rubric and reading material.

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