1. find an article from the internet explaining your chosen career, such as the working conditions, salary range, employment opportunities, educational requirements, etc.  Include the link in your response.  (Note:  Wikipedia, Social Media, Yahoo Answers, etc. are not acceptable.)

    2. You will write a paragraph summarizing the article in your own words

    3. You will briefly answer the following questions

                a. Why did you choose this article?

                b. What is the name of the article and the name of the website?

                c. Who wrote the article?

                d. When was the article written?

                e. Is the tone of the article serious and professional?

                f. What does the website look like?  Is it reliable?

                g. Are there any reasons you might question the reliability of the article?

    *You can answer each question separately in one or two sentences or answer them together in one paragraph.

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