Capstone ITM 1

    Capstone ITM 1

    This capstone course will require a project PowerPoint presentation which will be a BEST PRACTICES PRESENTATION. The project presentation will be a detailed presentation worth 50 points that will be due at the end of the  week.

    The project presentation should demonstrate knowledge in the chosen area. The presentation should be formatted as follows:

    12-point font using Times New Roman

    Use APA style correctly throughout the presentation

    Use correct grammar and punctuation

    Format correctly and consistently

    Include a cover slide, introduction slide at the beginning of the presentation and a conclusion slide at the end of the presentation, and a reference slide using APA format at the end of the presentation.

    Number all slides beginning with the cover slide as page 1

    Utilize 10 references from scholarly sources…do NOT use Wikipedia (one source can be the textbook)

    Cite references within the presentation using correct APA format

    Include a minimum of 16 slides which will include the cover and reference slides

    Include at least one figure or one table in the presentation and format in APA style

    Highlight your knowledge of technology by including transition and animation

    The BEST PRACTICE PRESENTATION can be chosen from one of the following topic:


    • Business intelligence and big data


    Choose a topic in which you are interested and in which you have prior knowledge. Research best company practices for the particular topic. Use at least 10 references from scholarly sources.

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