California government

    Assignment 5: Write a letter to your California State Assemblymember or State Senator

    1. Identify your State Senator and State Assemblymember (Links to an external site.), and the address and website for their legislative office in Sacramento.  Select one of them. (If you are not a California voter, you can still select a representative based on where you currently live in the state).

    2. You have two choices for the topic of your letter:

    a. Review their website and choose a piece of legislation that they are sponsoring or an issue they are focused upon.

    b. Choose another piece of legislation that you feel strongly about and that is currently being addressed in the California State Legislature (Links to an external site.).

    3. Write a letter to your member, expressing your views on the issue and what you think should be done. Be sure to reference the specific bill number and title. Be sure to carefully review and edit the letter for clarity, tone, proper grammar, and accurate information.

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