C programming

    Additional explanation:
    This project will involve you creating a software floating point system for the MLKY programming language.

    Follow the directions in P1_Documentation.pdf.  The starting code is provided for you in project1_handout.tar; this code will compile on Zeus and the supporting program will only run on Zeus.  This will untar to provide a Handout directory.

    Your project will involve modifying only fp_functs.c to provide an implementation for the four listed functions.  You may create additional functions as needed.  You will only get credit for the addition and multiplication functions if you use the addition and multiplication techniques covered in class.

    There is a rubric associated with this project on Blackboard that will let you see what areas are examined for the first 20 points (Code and Comments).  Additionally, 80 points will be assigned based on unit testing of your code by the GTAs.

    You will only submit fp_functs.c to this Blackboard assignment for credit, no other files may be modified.


            [Feb 17, 5:30pm] You may NOT use any math.h functions

    o    This includes pow()

    o    Part of the learning objectives for this course involve encoding and decoding multiple data types from a memory location.

    o    Some of the functions in math.h allow you to bypass this by doing the work for you.  No math.h functions may be used.

    o    The Project Documentation was just updated to reflect this and Piazza’s Clarification thread also has this note.

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