Business Intelligence

    I need answers to these questions after reading the text I uploaded
    1.    In what type of business does SYSCO operate? Why did SYSCO need to implement Business Intelligence (BI)? Please EXPLAIN IN DETAILS.
    2.    As discussed in SYSCO case study, what do BI capabilities include? What were the main competitive advantages of Business Objects? PLEASE EXPLAIN.
    3.    What will be the top 3 challenges for SYSCO during the implementation of Business Intelligence?
    Please ARTICULATE.

    4.    Why did management take the decision to start with dealing with two matters regarding Business Intelligence implementation instead of leveraging it for general analysis in their operating affiliates? Please ANALYZE and PROVIDE DETAILS.
    5.    During the roll-out, which scenario should Twila Days team should go with? Why? Please EXPLAIN IN DETAILS.
    6.    What does TCO mean, in reference to our class discussions? During the BI contract negotiations,
    what are the considerations for Days team to take into account in terms of minimizing the TCO
    post-BI implementation?

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