Business etiquette (Links to an external site.)

    For this assignment, write a detailed essay of at least 3 pages addressing the following issues/questions from the discussion text, The Simple Art of Business Etiquette. Cite relevant ideas, research, and passages from the text as well as including your own experiences and observations. Assignments should be written in 12 point Times New Roman and be double-spaced. Include a header on the first page with your name, the date, unit number, and assignment title.

    In Part one, The Best You, the author proposes some of the ways that you can demonstrate etiquette and professionalism in the workplace.

    What does it mean to be The Best You at your internship?
    What steps have you taken (or plan to take) to be The Best You at your work place?
    What messages have you received at your internship that have provided you with an idea of what is appropriate or inappropriate?
    In Part two, Office Culture, the author describes office culture as established norms of behavior in the workplace, as well as discusses some of the elements that constitute office culture.

    How would you describe the office culture?
    What are some of the elements that constitute the office culture at your internship?
    To assist in understanding the topics of this text section, please find at least one external article and cite it in your paper. A reference sheet in APA format is expected to be included as an additional page to the required page limit. You may select any article you please, but please make sure it is from a trusted and relevant source (i.e. not from Wikipedia) and that is was published within the last three years.

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