Business ethics Research paper

    Be sure that the issue you select is something about which reasonable people might disagree. If you simply describe a terrible breach of ethics in detail (like the Madoff scandal) and say that it is terrible, you will not have a successful paper.

    Your research paper should:

    Define the ethical issue you have selected and its relevance to an industry;
    Provide an explanation of how the issue has developed or changed over time;
    Give examples of cases involving this ethical issue;
    Give a brief explanation about what, if any, personal experience you have had with this issue, and your thoughts and feelings at the time of the experience;
    Give an explanation about what your opinion is, and what you think should be done;
    Back up your opinion/solution with ethical concepts youve learned in the course;
    Provide an explanation of at least one additional perspective on the issue;
    Provide a reference list in APA format.

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