Business Decision Making Evaluation

    Feel free to use any academic source you find, but please use some theories and concepts from the powerpoints attached below. Thank you very much.

    Please select a decision made by an organization, and evaluate the effectiveness of that decision. The organization can be in any sector.

    The evaluation must contain information acquired from a primary source: i.e. someone from the organization that was involved in the decision-making process. Thus please choose the brand Hisarlar Makina. Hisarlar is in the agriculture machinery field (they produce the harvesting machines).

    You can choose to talk about how the business responded to the Coronavirus pandemic, such as making staff cutbacks, and anything else you feel. Feel free to make up the decision made as you feel, no need to research too much about Hisarlar since it’s such a small company not much data will be available online. So you can just talk about the decision made and you can also decide the outcome of the decision yourself. So in essence you have full control over the decision and the outcome of this decision.

    **The evaluation should consider:

    1. The context of the decision – why was the decision made?

    2. The process of the decision – how was the decision made and implemented? What social, psychological, and biological factors were involved? Focus on these rather than strategic/management/technical elements.

    3. The outcome of the decision – what impact did the decision have? How was the decision evaluated?

    1. Introductory Section:
      – Explains the assignment, why it is being done (including the merits of evaluating someone elses decision).
      – Describes at a brief, introductory level the content of the essay.
      – Sets out the personal objectives when completing the assignments. E.g: Understand high-level business decision making and the factors behind it.

    2. Context Section:
      – Describes the person who is interviewed, covering their background, their experience, and their role both in the organization and in the decision being made.
          *The person you interviewed from Hisarlar is Mr. Giju Kurian. He has been the CEO of              Hisarlar after Mahindra and Mahindra bought them over. Mr. Giju Kurian is a vice-president at Mahindra and Mahindra.
      – Sets the scene for the decision, describing relevant biological/psychological/social factors that led to a decision having to be made.
          *Hisarlar is based out of Turkey. The main revenue stream comes from Exports, thus the lockdowns had a significant negative impact on the business’s cash flow.

    3. Process Section:
      – Describes the process the individual went through when making the decision, focusing particularly on bio/psycho/social factors.
      – Explores the role of collaboration and other people in the decision-making process. E.g The board of Hisarlar. Mr. Giju Kurian is the CEO of Hisarlar as well as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Hisarlar.
      – Examines the challenges in decision making.
      – Strong evidence of research conducted (quotes, references) –> This point I will do myself, just please leave space for it.

    4. Evaluation Section:
      – Evaluates the decisions made by the individual and the organization (from your point of view)
      – Evaluates the decisions made by the individual and the organization (Mr. Giju Kurian’s point of view)
      – Identifies how the decision could have been improved, and the positives and negatives of the decision

    4. Concluding Section:
      – Summarises the key points of the essay.
      – Concludes the arguments and ties together the overall piece
      – Please note, my professor hates it when the conclusion starts with In conclusion,…, so please use another start. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    5. Any references.

    **General features throughout the essay for an A grade:
    -Excellent organization and clarity of thought.
    -Theories are explained demonstrating subject knowledge.
    -High level of relevant detail-Elaboration and analysis where relevant.
    -Correct and complete referencing in APA format.
    -Focus given to positives and negatives with good balance and criticality.

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