Business Court Case

    Court Case:

    Crews of operators at a company that services and drills natural gas wells work twelve-hour shifts for seven consecutive days, followed by seven days off. The operators were scheduled to work from Tuesdays through Mondays. A Tuesday-to-Monday workweek was used for purposes of calculating the operators pay, in contrast to the Sunday-to-Saturday workweek that the energy company used for its office employees and truck drivers. The company subsequently decided to change the operators workweek to the same Sunday-to-Saturday workweek it used for other employees. The company announced the change in a memo that advised operators that there will be no adjustment to your workweek, which will remain from Tuesday-Monday but you will begin to have a reduction in overtime hours as your workweek will be split into 2 payroll periods. The company justified the change by saying that it was more administratively efficient to have a single workweek and that it reduced overtime costs. Operators complained that they were not being paid for only twenty hours overtime within the same workweek, even though they worked eighty-four or more hours in each week that they were on. A group of operators sued, saying that it violated the Fair Labor Standards Act to change their workweek for the purpose of depriving them of overtime pay. What should the court decide? Why?

    Instructions for the essay:

    Paragraph 1 – What are the legal issues? What are the legal rules that apply to these issues?

    Paragraph 2 – How can the legal rules be applied to the court case? What is your conclusion?

    Paragraph 3 – Summary of a related court case found that occurred in the last 5 years and how it relates to the above court case scenario either comparing similarities or showcasing differences.

    -This essay needs to be written in the APA format.
    -This essay needs to be 100% free of plagiarism.
    -This essay needs to include a reference page with the reference for the related court case in paragraph 3. Please also include the internal citation for this reference within paragraph 3.
    -Proper spelling and grammar needs to be used.

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