Prepare 5 pages with lots of pictures. On the first page research the topics health and gym centres in London. How many gyms are there, how many people go, what is the age profile, what is the gender, what are the pricey gyms vs cheaper etc. and on the  second page research all about the health in London, what are the health (hospital) situation, who is healthy, who is sick, what percentage of people go to doctor and why? What are the main improvements that can be made in health. On the third page research about the gyms and health instutaions in Merlybone High Street London. What is the consumer profile what facilities are there. On the fourth page di the same thing on a different location which is Hampstead London. What hospitals are there what gyms are there etc. One the last page compare and contrast the health and gym in Merlybone High street vs Health And gyms in Hampstead London. Make each slide presentable easy to memories and brief. The main thing is there should be many visuals about each topic and examples. Please don’t make the language complex since I’m international and im gonna present

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