Write a minimum two (2) page (excluding cover) article review paper that addresses the following sections.  Only format your paper into these sections:

    a) Question:  In your own words, what is the authors message?  Why is this message important and how well did he convey the message.  This should be about one-half page.

    b) Important Points:  Based upon your reading the article, and any additional content you have read or researched,  identify a minimum of three (3) findings or takeaways from the article that resonated with you as relevant, inspiring or useful in your career. This should be a least one (1) full page.

    c) Perspective:  This is your assessment or conclusion of what you thought of the article.  How does it match up to your personal experience dealing with pay systems and performance management.  What obstacles do you believe you will encounter in attempting to apply the article’s ideas in today’s workplace    This should be about one-half page.

    You are welcome to add additional sources reflecting your additional research on this article. Use APA format for all your reference sources.


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