BUS 349 Presentation

    Each student will be creating a video presentation on the material and knowledge gained from Presenting to Win. The video presentation must be a minimum of five minutes. Creativity is strongly encouraged, using the suggestions from the BAC text. This assignment must be uploaded to YouTube for final submission.
    Weissman, J. (2009). Presenting to Win: the art of telling your story. Upper Saddle River, N.J: FT Press.  ISBN 978-0-13-409328-4
    Locker, K. & Kienzler, D. (2015). Business and administrative communication. New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.  ISBN 978-0-07-340325-0

    In today’s high-tech environment, a large number of corporations are incorporating the use of video presentations into their everyday use.  Tools such as WebEx and Facetime have the potential of greatly impacting a presentation.  This week’s assignments require each student to create a video presentation based on his or her reading from Presenting to Win.  Common applications to record videos/PowerPoints include Voicethread, Prezi, WebEx, and Screen-cast-o-matic. 

    Each video must meet the following requirements:

    -Length: Minimum of five minutes to a maximum of 7 minutes

    -Videos must be uploaded to YouTube for final submission.  It is the students responsibility to ensure his or her video is viewable using either a Mac or PC.

    -Students are strongly encouraged to be professionally creative – meaning video will be severely marked down if the video is simply showing a student sitting and reading his or her report.

    Each video must contain:

    -A brief introduction of the text and author

    -The student’s perspective on the important chapter’s topics and why (minimum of three specific examples from the text)

    -Examples how each student can incorporate the principles from the text into his or her corporate aspirations (specific examples)

    -A minimum of three Scripture references that support faith integration of the course concepts and reflect each student’s personal values

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