Bumper Jumper

    Assignment: Creating a basic platformer using Unity C# I want to have a charachter (Just a random object) who can double jump on platforms and open doors using a  key you can find in the scene. Also need a main menu screen and a simple health system that goes down 1 point after a timer reaches one minute until death or the scene is completed. Outline is below.

    A character that can move around the scene and has at least one unique mechanic that we didn’t program as a class.
    A Unique main character drawn for your game with at least an one idle and one locomotion animation.
    A Unique tileset created for your level with at least 3 world tiles and 3 detail tiles image laid out on a grid.
    At least one level that uses a grid & tilemap.
    A main menu that takes us to the main game when you press the play button.
    At least one unique particle effect that we did not do as a class.
    An in game HUD that displays some kind of information about your player’s status.
    A collectible object that increases something on the player’s status and creates a particle effect when touched.
    An obstacle object that decreases something on the player’s status when touched.
    Music and at least one sound effect that we didn’t program as a class that is played somewhere in your game and is part of an audio mixing group.

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