Brand Management

    So far in this course, you have primarily focused on external marketing and advertising. These are key elements in building brand awareness and promoting your business to customers. But they are only half of the battle in terms of successful brand management. The other half of this battle is related to your business’s internal branding strategies—in other words, how you promote your business’s vision and goals from within. Without full employee support, your business is unlikely to be successful in its external branding efforts.


    In this Assignment, you will explore the distinction between internal and external branding. You will consider why both types of branding are important and identify examples of each.

    To complete this Assignment, respond to the following in a 1- to 2-page paper:


    Describe the difference between internal and external branding and provide examples of each.


    What is the value of each for small businesses?


    What are potential issues that may arise if a small business focuses only on one type of branding?

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