Book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” Review

    In Part III of Zen, the longest section of the book, Robert Pirsig takes a long time to build up to his MAIN THESIS.

    In 700 words or less (not including a Works Cited page), please move through the following steps to create ONE quality document:

    1. Use Times New Roman, 12-point font. Single space your lines. Give your essay an interesting title. Aim for variety at the sentence and paragraph levels. Think Form, Style, Content, and Quality.

    2. Take a look at Part III. Tell me Pirsig’s thesis.

    3. Give me two examples that Pirsig uses to support his thesis.

    4. Give me two additional examples from your own life that support Pirsig’s thesis.

    5. Write a counter-point & counterexample that function as a counterargument to Pirsig’s thesis.

    6. Conclude your paper; answer the question: How does Pirsig’s thesis relate to Business Writing? Think about business emails, letters, reports, proposals, etc. Take a look at Chapters 12-20 in Writing Well for Business Success. Tell me if you agree with Pirsig’s thesis, or disagree with it (or perhaps neither/both) as it relates to writing for business. Your choice. Regardless, aim to end the essay on a high note (i.e. end in a smart, interesting, and/or entertaining way).

    7. Use MLA format to cite any/all sources. (*See the Purdue OWL for MLA guidance).

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