Book Analysis: Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center

    Critical Questions for Book Analysis


    What is the main subject matter analyzed?

    socio-historical context:

    time, place & people
    political economy & technology
    power, politics & the state
    culture & ideology
    social life
    popular struggles

    What is the main theory used for analysis?

    Are other theoretical perspectives discussed & how are they evaluated?

    What does the theory used bring to the analysis?

    What are the problems or issues root causes & immediate context discussed?
    What solutions are proposed? [see organizing models chart]
    Is social change reform or revolutionary (anti-capitalist) part of the solution?
    Who/what are the agents of this change?
    How are they organized?

    Who is the main intended audience for this work?

    Through the lens of the scholar & academic:

    What is most useful about this work?
    What could be different?

    Through the lens of the activist & movement builder:

    What is most useful about this work?
    What could be different?
    Personal reflection:
    How does this work help you shape your own intellectual & political worldview?
    How does it help you shape your theoretical perspective & your practice your action orientation?


    (use supplementary readings or other pre-approved books/videos/movies/events):

    Concise, well-written, analytical, critical essays on books (or videos, movies, or events pre-approved) that includes concepts/arguments stated in the assigned textbook (be sure to cite throughout the book analysis). You must answer critical questions above as the framework for the book analysis. The essay should be 4-6 typed pages with citations embedded in the body of the essay and include a reference page, using American Sociological Review – ASR format.

    Essays will be evaluated in terms of content, organization and style.

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