#BLM in Picture Books

    The central topic for analysis:

    Compare and Contrast how these three picture books deal with issues of Black Lives Matter for really young children.

    A is For Activist-Innosanto Nagara
    Sometimes People March-Tessa Allen
    Hands Up-Breanna McDaniel

    Write a critical commentary about the collection of three picture books (books are available on YouTube) that youve chosen for your annotations and the academic essay (attached). Provide a close reading of the representation of culture in the three books. This is an opportunity for comparison/contrast between the books, discussing how the different representations worked here. How does the academic essay bring meaning to this discussion? Does it provide an insight about how to view these texts?

    AVOID PLOT SUMMARY. If you need to present enough plot to contextualize the story, do it in 1-2 sentences, then use examples from the text to support your argument.

    Present a clear thesis, and develop it with further supportive arguments as well as specific evidence from the books. *BOLD FACE YOUR THESIS*

    Your primary objective is to support your argument with a close reading of picture books. Cite quotes and specific examples (with page numbers) for support. Explain what these examples show, answering a so what about the examples. Making connectionsbetween examples and explanations of what the examples showis essential for a close reading and development of argument.

    An important goal of this paper is to demonstrate your ability to read analytically and to examine the texts in detail.  Be sure to define your thesis, narrow your focus, and provide a close reading, including the use of quotations or specific examples from illustrations to support your argument. 

    Stating your thesis clearly and precisely in the first paragraph.

    Keep your discussion of the text in the present verb tense.

    Each main idea needs its own paragraph. In that paragraph there should be a clear topic sentence (a segment of your thesis), then an exploration of that idea through an examination of the text. Be sure to show the SO WHAT about your idea.

    Support your ideas with a close analysis of the text, including use of direct quotes and examination of specific scenes, images, and diction.  Show rather than tell, by exploring the text, not by stating generalization about it.

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