What cultural groups (nationality, ethnicity, religion, social class, generation, ability, gender, social interest, etc.) do you identify with and how do you celebrate them online? Share at least one cultural identity and explain how you celebrate the identity online, with others. Describe ways that your group (or groups) uses the Internet to foster community (examples: stories, symbols, language, group forums, hashtags).

    You are encouraged (when applicable) to use key terms or concepts covered in Weeks 5-7 of the course. If you need examples of cultural groups, I recommend Week 7’s assigned readings/ peer-reviewed journal articles. Hint: Pauwels (2012) has lots of key-terms and suggestions for analyzing cultural expressions.

    Remember to cite your sources, use complete sentences and check your spelling. You can submit your 250-300 word essay as text or attach an APA Style (formatted) document [double-spaced, 11 pt. Arial font, 1″ margins] (.pdf, .doc., or .docx).

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