start by checking out this link about the credibility of references.

    When writing or reviewing scientific literature, it is important to assess more than just their results. In fact, the authors of any article ought to check the credibility of their sources before citing them. Citing sources that are not reliable in your writing is a quick way to reduce your OWN credibility as an author. How do you know if a reference is credible? Please read from the following link prior to answering the discussion questions in your post this week:

    For the first part of the discussion, Check out the following sources about red hair, and rate their credibility using the CRAAP method. Read as much as you need to of each in order to determine your ratings. Explain your ratings:

    1. Article: “Red for danger” (PDF document posted in this week’s D2L content)

    2. Article: “13 amazing facts about redheads that everyone needs to know” –

    3. Article: “The genetic architecture of hair colour in the UK population” –

    4. Article: “Redheads: The Genetics of Hair Color” –

    After rating each of these, with an explanation for each rating, comment overall on the following:

    1. What are some good starting points for finding credible sources?

    2. What did you learn about red hair? What are you still unsure about, based on the credibility of the above sources?

    3. How does this make you re-think what you read on the internet, and what you might cite in your future writing assignments?

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