Biodiversity in the United Arab Emirates

    1.    Cover Page
    2.    Title:
    The environmental problem or article title, also you can formulate the title in your own wording.
    3.    Problem statement/ Objective
    Describe briefly the background information concerning the environmental problem and identify the project`s objective (s).
    4.    Literature Review and Introduction
    5.    Methodology
    The methodology section should describe the methodology that followed by the author to describe and analyze the environmental problem. Here you can list the followings:
    –    Give the main pollutants that have been analyzed (heavy metals, organic pollutants, pesticides, trace metals, dust, etc.)
    –    Give the study area and sample collection methods.
    –    Give main environmental indicator (s) that have been used to study the pollution (plants, water, wastewater, dust, bio indicators, waste, soil, etc)
    –    Give the methods and techniques that have been used to collect the samples, analyze the pollutants, and data analysis.

    6.    Proposed engineering solution of the problem
    look for proper environmental solution (s) for the above-mentioned environmental problem, the solution might cover the following aspects:
    –    Title of the environmental solution and brief description.
    –    The main purpose from using the proposed environmental solution.
    –    Figures or pictures of the suggested solution or treatment processes.
    –    The expected results and outcomes from using the proposed environmental solution.
    –    Any proposed alternative solutions.
    –    Recommendation toward a cleaner environment and minimize the environmental stresses.
    7.    Conclusion and recommendations
    8.    References: provide full citation of your references

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