Biodiversity Conservation

    This Assignment is a written individual assignment, 500-750 words, upload to Canvas

    All of the Assignment #1 Endangered Species Info brief from the class will be put into a folder (in Canvas) for all students to access. You should read through your classmates work (you should read at least 30 of your classmates info briefs).

    Based your reading of your classmates work, and the course content,  answer the following questions:

    What have you learnt about Endangered Species in Africa? What surprised you about the species, types of species?
    Identify at least 5 patterns in the types of species, distributions, habitats, threats? Can you make hypotheses about the main drivers of species loss in Africa from these patterns? These 5 patterns should be specific: Are the threats different for primates, large carnivores, birds, amphibians, and reptiles? Are the threats different for species in dry/ arid areas than species in humid areas? Mountains vs flat areas? For species with small ranges vs large ranges?
    If you had a million dollars to use of conservation, which of the 30 species you learnt about would you decide to fund conservation efforts for?

    Next, do the following Reading (at least 2 of the journal article + 2 of the news pieces):

    Small, E., 2012. The new Noah’s Ark: beautiful and useful species only. Part 2. The chosen species. Biodiversity, 13(1), pp.37-53.
    Small, E., 2011. The new Noah’s Ark: beautiful and useful species only. Part 1. Biodiversity conservation issues and priorities. Biodiversity, 12(4), pp.232-247.
    OPTIONAL: Macdonald. 2015. Conservation inequality and the charismatic cat: Felis felicis (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
    Reflect on how the reading has changed your thoughts and ideas?

    USE EMBEDDED REFERENCES TO CITE Info briefs, class material and the reading (no ref list is needed if no external / additional sources are used and I can tell which source you are referring to).

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