Battle of The Battle of Gazala The Western Desert Campaign of the Second World War

    I need a paper written with Active voice, Notes and power point. must haves in paper, Define Battle, evaluate sources, Define strategic/operational setting, Describe Action, Relate Cause and
    Effect:  Identify
    Lessons Learned
    1.    Relate causes to effects (Why)
    2.    Explain Facts
    3.    Address Depth
    4.    Address Width
    5.    Lessons Learned
    6.    Insights/Analysis
    Other.  I will attach grading scale and examples for power point and paper.  Please keep the paper the same set up as the example(format of example needs to stay intact)  as that is what I’m asking for, this isn’t a essay, but will require research to complete this!  ADP 7-0 may help with understanding war fighting functions.  the Class power point kind of gives a idea of body of paper and what needs to go into it.  I don’t need a crazy power point slide show like the battle slide example. pictures and text is fine.  They really over did this power point.

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