Basic Outline for the Who I Am Essay

    Take the Essay written and convert it to a Basic Outline. See the Example attached.
    Assignment Requirements:

    1. Must be typed in Times New Roman (12-point) or Calibri (11-point). Do not use a larger font.
    2. Must be 5 paragraphs. No more/No less.
    3. Must be double-spaced.
    4. Use 1 margins all around this is standard in MS Word, as long as you do not adjust anything. 5. Do not bold or underline anything. Within MLA guidelines, if you want to show emphasis, use italics instead of bolding or underlining.
    6. Include an MLA heading on the left side of the first page and your last name and page numbers in the right corner. Examples and instructions are below.
    7. Include a real title this should be an abbreviation of your thesis statement. When titling your essay, do not put the title in quotes, and capitalize the important words and the first word. The title should be centered just below the MLA heading.
    8. You do not need to have any quotations in your essay.

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