Baroque style

    The Baroque style was grand and extravagant, rich in new design styles. Architecture and interior design included a new emphasis on sculptural and painted forms. Shapes from nature, such as leaves, shells, and scrolls, provided a vocabulary to enrich the classical form of earlier Renaissance design.

    Select one architect/designer/furniture maker from the list below. Provide a three-paragraph minimum essay on the individual and choose three examples of their work to describe. Include the following:

    – Brief biography or background
    – Names, dates, titles, materials used, dimensions, etc. of your three examples
    – Images of all examples
    – Provide description of each item, using proper terminology (for example, the chair has cabriole legs and ball and claw feet, etc.)

    – Discuss how these examples represent the individuals oeuvre, or overall aesthetic/body of work
    – Analyze how your artists work reflects the Baroque or Rococo movements; what makes the work representative of one movement or the other?

    Architect/Furniture Maker/Designer to consider:

    Thomas Chippendale
    Gobelins Workshop
    Andr Charles Boulle
    Christopher Wren
    James Gibbs
    Jos Churriguera
    Charles LeBrun
    Franois Mansart
    Gian Lorenzo Bernini

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