Augustine’s Confessions

    In Book X of the Confessions, Augustine asks a fundamental question: What,
    then, do I love when I love my God? Indeed, much of Augustines reflections
    concern his struggle, along his spiritual journey, with false or distorted
    understandings of God. In your paper, first, note some of those false or
    inadequate notions discussed in the Confessions, then summarize what
    Augustine believes is a more adequate account of what Christians love when
    they say they love God. Consider whether there are similarly distorted notions
    of God still being encountered in our world today. To what extent does
    Augustines account of God respond to your own answer to the question:
    What, then, do I love when I love my God?

    1) Paper structure: clear introduction, body, and conclusion (20 pts.)
    2) Writing style, spelling, and grammar (20 pts.)
    3) Clear and perceptive presentation of Augustines views on the chosen topic (30
    4) Thoughtful reflection on the application of the paper themes to your own life
    and/or our world today (30 pts.)

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