chapter 2 of the text and Nancy Balabans article, Easing the Separation Process for Infants, Toddlers, and Families explain the four types of attachment: 

    Secure attachment
    Insecure/avoidant attachment
    Insecure/resistant/ambivalent attachment
    Disoriented/disorganized attachment.

    Select one of the four attachment styles above.  Imagine that a child in your program is exhibiting attachment issues in this type of attachment.  For this discussion, explain how you might communicate with parents to help foster a positive attachment in the early care and education program.  Your response should address the following:

    Characteristics of this type of attachment to inform parents
    Shared communication plan to engage parents
    Suggestions that you would offer to foster a positive attachment in the classroom

    Include your choice of attachment type in the Subject line of your discussion post.  Be sure your discussion post also includes a reference to the textbook to support your ideas.

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