Astronomy. What is an exoplanet

    About 3 to 5 pages
    – Decent, formal, scientific English. (no slang or unformal expressions).
    – Typewritten.
    – Figures can be drawn by hand.
    – At least one figure and no more than three figures.
    – Figures must have a caption.
    – At least two references NOT WEBSITES! A reference can be a book (our textbook is acceptable) or an article; online-article or books are acceptable, but they must be quoted as articles/books (Author, title, etc. ; any format is fine), not though an online link!
    – Websites link can be used for figures. Be careful to copyright issues.
    – After the title, a 3 to 5 sentences abstract is required.
    – The main text can be divided in sections; each section will then need a title.

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