Article Analysis #2

    Select an article on a current topic in sports, and complete an article analysis with the following information. Your paper needs to be in APA format and paragraph form, and a Works Cited.

    Section 1: Article Information

    Title of the Article:


    Date of the article:


    Section 2: Summary/Main Ideas

    Factual Summary: Write a five sentence summary of the article you read. Include significant ideas, places, and people.

    Main Idea: What is the main point that you get from this article? Share the main point in a few sentences.

    Section 3: Personal Response

    Personal Response: Answer each of the following questions in no fewer than three sentences. Be sure to be specific.
    a. Why did you choose this article? Does it relate to your life in some way?

    b. How does this article provide valuable information on your topic? What important information does it give you?

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