PART 1 (2 PAGES)

    1.discus how the artwork of your choice reflects the typical values and characteristics of Romantic or Neo-Classical art.( IT SHOULD NOT BE David’s Oath of Horatti OR Liberty Leading the People)

    2.Provide a brief background on the artist as well as a description of the work.

    3.Include observations of a few stylistic elements to produce a convincing argument.


    PART 2

    David's Death of Marat (Marat was murdered in his bathtub) is representative of Neo-Classical art and Goya's Shooting on the Third of May is representative of Romantic art. 

    1.How would you distinguish the characteristics between the two artworks just by analyzing their formal elements? What kinds of emotions do they evoke and how? 

    2.What distinguishes these two artworks from David’s Oath of Horatti AND  Liberty Leading the People)

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