art history

    Q1. Often modern viewers and historians try to psychoanalyze artists through their work.

    What do you think of this notion? Do you believe that Artemisia Gentileschi was somehow “working out” her feelings about her circumstances through her work?

    How much should we read into a work of art? Would you want people to read that deeply into your own work to formulate opinions about you and your state of mind? (100words)

    Q2. Bernini, Michelangelo and Donatello versions of David

    With Bernini’s David [5’7″] we have now seen three representations of the “David” narrative.

    Discuss the varied interpretations of this figure and approaches to the narrative (story).

    What key characteristics make Bernini’s figure distinctly Italian Baroque? (120words)

    Q3. Respond to peer’s thought. (20words each)

    Peer’s thought #1: The Three David’s by Michelangelo, Donatello and Bernini all share similar characteristics because of theme but they all differ in context. The three artists all chose to depict David in different stages of the battle with Goliath. Donatello’s version chose to focus on David and the moment after he had slain the giant. Not only making it differ from the other two in terms of narrative, but it also has difference compared to the other two because he sculpted from bronze instead of marble. Michelangelo took a different approach and sculpted David right before the encounter with the Giant and has him posed in a stance exuding confidence as he waits intently to face the giant. In my opinion of the three sculptures Michelangelo’s piece has the most realism. Bernini’s David took a different approach from the other two and chose not to depict him before or after the battle but instead the moment right before striking goliath with his weapon.

    This approach shows characteristics distinctly Italian Baroque because it shows whats been known within the genre as the “Baroque Moment”. This is described as a moment of action seen within the art where the artist depicts the subjects within a dramatic moment that gives emphasis to the narrative and context of the work of art.

    Peer’s thought #2: It’s obvious that there is an underlined theme to Gentileschi’s paintings and her emotions are translated through that. She experienced something traumatic and with no action done against her assaulter, she used this artwork to express her anger. It was very clever to be subtle and speak her mind. Even if there is a clear message, based on iconography, the hidden message can spark questions. People are gonna try to analyze what they see based on what they know anyway. We judge before we know the truth about something. There is only so much specters can decipher before the message is muddled.

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