Art Appreciation 5

    Write a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document for each work of art that includes the question and answer. The Q&A must be filled out completely for Artwork #1-4. Questions could be regarding the media being used, why the work is significant, history of the work/artist, etc. Answers should not be yes or no responses, but instead should display your skills related to critical thinking, analysis, and interpretation of the artwork. Upon completion of the FAQ, choose one of the pieces of artwork and write a 1 page critique. This art criticism is where you go beyond description and offer an informed opinion about the work. Your critique should interpret meaning and include critical judgments about the specific work of art.

    Completed FAQ document for each piece of artwork #1-4. Displayed advanced level of skill related to critical thinking, analysis and interpretation of the artwork”

    Gave an in-depth, advanced introduction for supplemental written critique

    Written critique met the 1 page minimum requirement and provided in-depth interpretation of meaning and displayed advanced critical judgment about the specific work of art

    Gave an advanced, insightful conclusion for supplemental written critique

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