What do you need to do for this discussion?

    1. Please READ this background article on Murakami:

    2. Please WATCH this short video of MURAKANMI introducing his work to us.

    3. Please ANSWER these questions in the thread post below!

    Please choose (do a GOOGLE search) for an image of a work by Murakami and POST it for us all to see!
    Do you see any influences in his work from the Nihonga training he received in Tokyo?  (See the Nihonga link below)
    Do you see any influences from the ANIME and MANGA that he loves? (See the links below)
    Are you familiar with any of these art forms — NIHONGA, ANIME, MANGA?
    Do you have any favorites from those genres that you would like to share?

    Here are the links for your reference: Link for the NIHONGA painting tradition Link for the ANIME tradition Link for the MANGA tradition  ANIME and MANGA database for you to BROWSE  FREE ANIME to

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