Your Interpretation of the Art Object’s Content (your critical judgment) (Answer question A):
    A. Based on all the activities connected with the above, please respond to the each of the following questions three (3) or more well-considered paragraphs* total OR one paragraph per question as appropriate to the subject and needed content seen below. I recommend one paragraph per question to INSURE you answer all the questions.
    1. Describe the artist’s intention and to what degree does the art object communicate it?

    2. Has the artist used the medium, technique or process sensitively in relation to the above?

    3. How does it make you feel and think? Why?

    4. How does it relate to you in relation to the world or universe as a whole?

    5. In what ways does it remind you of other art objects seen or studied in this course? Name the titles of the artworks, artists and make direct comparisons. (Make sure this is supported with examples of objects, paintings, etc…seen during this course.) Please do not say everything or nothing for this question. Artist is Da Vinci. His painting is the Mona Lisa

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