Please read the questions carefully and answer in full sentences and make sure to focus on answering each part of the question as precisely as possible.DO NOT USE OUTSIDE INTERNET SOURCES. I will include link that will help answer the question
    the sources for the answer is in the link in the browse doc

    1) The artist Giotto was one of the first to change from the art of the Middle Ages, which was flat and unrealistic (like the Justinian Mosaic, with its emphasis on spirituality) to a new type of naturalistic art. Identify and describe one of Giottos innovations in this fresco that looks naturalistic.

    2) When you look at these two paintings side by side, you can see how the art of the Italo-Byzantine (Middle Ages) changed in the Early Renaissance. What are some of the changes you notice?

    3) Masaccios fresco, The Holy Trinity, is one of the first paintings of the Early Renaissance to use linear perspective. Explain what that means in this fresco.

    4) The artists of the Italian Renaissance were inspired by the architecture of ancient Rome. Name some of the architectural elements you observe in Masaccios fresco, The Holy Trinity.

    5) Discuss some of the characteristics of Baroque art that you observe in Caravaggios painting Deposition (or Entombment). 

    6) These three statues of David were created in three different periods of time: the Early Renaissance, the High Renaissance, and the Baroque period. Aside from that, what are some of the differences between these three statues? Make sure to mention each artist.

    7) In his painting Starry Night, Vincent van Gogh uses color in an expressive way. Describe this painting and explain how van Gogh uses color expressively.

    8) Everyone seems to like the artist Hokusais Ukiyo-e print The Great Wave. Do you like this work of art? Explain why (or why not)?

    9) In what ways does this 19th century print by the American Impressionist Mary Cassatt reflect characteristics of Japonisme? Provide examples of what you see in this image.

    10) What is a reliquary? Describe the shapes of this Reliquary Figures body and what its exaggerated forms suggest.

    11) Why do you think Picassos painting Les Demoiselles dAvignon shocked viewers the first time they saw it? Explain your answer.

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