Part I

    Create an array of the six New England states. Use a prompt box to get input from the viewer. The input will be a number between 0 and 5 (JavaScript is zero-based). Based on the number that is input you will then produce an alert box to display which state was selected based on the input number.

    You may have to add a parseInt() function to the prompt to convert the input value from a string to a numeric value.

    var num =parseInt(prompt(“Input a number between 0 and 5”,0))

    Part II

    Using the array principles demonstrated in the lecture you are to construct a listing of 6 pizza chains that are actively linked to the chain’s web page. You may not use the variable names provided in the lecture example.

    A text-based hyperlink will be acceptable but the link text must be extracted from an array. The link text and the link address can be contained in the same array or in separate arrays. Although the text option is acceptable and will satisfy this assignment a linked button would be more desirable.

    Links that are not coded from an array will not be considered as accomplishing the assignments requirements.

    This will require you to employ concatenation to make it work.

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