Area Studies Aisa

    In this project, students will analyze and evaluate local, regional, and global social, cultural, aesthetic discourses, and practices. Meaning, students will analyze and evaluate information and/or shared knowledge (including peer reviews) from diverse cultural and disciplinary lenses. In this project, students have to answer the following questions:
    1. What is the main theme (thematic statement) of the reading materials?

    2. What were/are new or old knowledge?

    3. What cultural similarities and differences did you find?

    4. State how cultural philosophies/theories, and practices function in this part of the world.

    5. Analytical thinking and reasoning: Your critical and analytical evaluation of the essays/videos based on your experiences; compare and contrast with your culture or other cultures based on your lived/prior experiences, and

    6. What major issues did/do you see in South Asian culture/s and how you want to address them/it as an engaged global citizen (pick any one major issue; you dont have to address all issues)?

    Add 4 more pages based on the sample writing.

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