Architecture and film

    Review the following readings listed for Week 1 authored by your instructor along with course alumni:

    Anthony, Kathryn H. Learning from Hollywood: A Seminar on Architecture, Cinema, Environment and Behavior. Ricker Report. Vol. 3 (Fall 2020), pp. 174-191.

    Anthony, Kathryn, Fernando Nebot Gomez, and Yashashvini Rao. From Gangster City to Gotham City: The Changing Image of Chicago in Hollywood Films. ArchDaily (February 8, 2020).

    Sekalias, Anastasia and Kathryn Anthony.  4 Lessons Pixar Films Can Teach Us About Architecture.  ArchDaily (August 17, 2015).  Available at:

    1. Summarize each of these in a paragraph or two. What were the most important take-aways from each?

    2. After seeing some prior student projects featured in these articles, what about the graphics presentations struck you the most? Why?

    3. Sparked by these readings, what would you like to learn more about?

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