Application: Multinational Corporations

    Application: Multinational Corporations

    Globalization has led to unprecedented expansion of multinational corporations. Multinational corporations possess the greatest resources and competence required to reduce poverty. They bring new jobs, advanced technology, financial credit, and skills training to impoverished regions of the world. On the other hand, opponents of globalization point to increasing inequality and poverty in nations where international businesses and multinational corporations are allowed to conduct business. As a result, some feel that the presence of multinational corporations actually harms impoverished regions and nations rather than helps them.


    To prepare for this assignment:

    • Review the article, "The United Nations and Transnational Corporations: A Review and a Perspective." Consider the      United Nations' perspective on the impact of multinational corporations.
    • Review the articles, "Out of India, A 'Third Wave of Globalization' Emerges," "The Noble Feat of Nike," and "Protests Greet Yet Another WTO Meeting." Think about the effects of globalization, world trade, and multinational corporations on poverty.
    • Search the Internet for corporations that conduct business in other nations such as Gap, Reebok, Levi Strauss, and      McDonald's. Select one of these corporations or another of your choice.
    • Gather information about the corporation you selected, including economic conditions of the regions/countries in which the corporation conducts business.
    • Consider specific ways that these multinational corporations impact poverty in the regions/nations where they conduct business.

    The assignment (2 pages): Due by Sunday 2-11-18


    Explain at least two ways in which the multinational corporation you selected has impacted poverty (access to clean water, nutrition, health care, education, shelter) or working conditions and wages in the regions or nations where it conducts business. Be specific and use examples to support your answers.


    Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the Learning Resources for this course.


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