Apple Company

    Prepare a strategic plan that contains the following sections:

    Executive Summary
    Company Overview (with ticker symbol)
    Company History
    Products and or services
    Mission Statement
    Corporate Values & Culture
    SWOT Analysis
    Management team/Leadership
    Financial Outlook


    -Paper must be written in flawless APA format using headers, headings, in-text references, reference page, 1′ margins (use template provided below)
    -Make sure you use adequate, credible and reliable APA source citations to support your work.
    -Your company selection must be listed on either the NASDAQ or NYSE.

    Important Notes:

    -You must include a minimum of 6-9 sources and 3-4 must be from a peer-reviewed source (library/journal articles)
    -Your paper should be in essay format; not bullet format.
    -All charts, graphs and pictures are to go in appendix (not a substitute for content)

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