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    The Final Project Proposal is a written submission in which students identify and discuss the issue(s) surrounding their chosen themes/topics and propose a program, initiative, or activity that will address those issues. For example, a student from a previous semester chose the theme of Climate Change and Natural Disasters for his project package. For the Final Project Product Proposal, he discussed how climate change affects agriculture in South and Central America. Within the proposal, he identified the issue and causes, prior attempts and deficiencies in addressing the issue, and proposed the solution of enhancing global awareness through art (making information pertaining to climate change more appealing and interesting for a targeted audience).

    Potential theme/topics/global health problems include, but will not necessarily be limited to:

    COVID-19 (highly recommended)
    Obesity & Heart Disease
    Food/Water Insecurity, Hunger, & Poverty
    Medical Tourism
    Climate Change & Natural Disasters
    Abortion & Family Planning
    Universal Healthcare vs. Private Sector Insurance-based Payers
    Health & Wellbeing for Nations at War/Unrest
    Vaccinations, Genetic Testing, Autism & Developmental Disabilities
    Global Health Security & Preparedness for Aggressive Communicable Diseases
    LGBT Community Health
    Euthanasia / Death & Dying
    White, Skinny/Thin, Heterosexual, United Statesian Privilege

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