Any topic (writer’s choice)

    Choose one of this
    – What is a lesson being in nature has taught you? How did you learn that lesson?
    -What ecological problems worry you most? Why? What are you doing about it?

    Your final product should have a clearly conflict, and contain the elements of a narrative essay, as discussed in class and in the textbook. It should be a strong example of an open-form piece. Use the Question Asking Strategies in Chart 7.1 to help you devise your beginning, characters, setting, plot, and conclusion.
    All essays must include:
    A clear and concise theme holding the narrative together
    Organized body paragraphs which tell the story vividly and logically through
    showing (rather than telling), as well as other literary elements
    MLA formatting (header, heading, title, font, spacing)
    Active, direct language and strong, clear verbs
    About three pages
    Submission to for feedback and grading
    Essays must NOT include:
    Excessive pronoun usage: Pronouns limit your clarity and quality of writing.
    Excessive Be verbs: They are weak and, in most cases, can be eliminated
    Significant errors in formatting or grammar, which can easily be removed via careful

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